Frequently asked questions

Why must my business designate a Registered Agent?
Answer: The law requires it, plain and simple. Any entity conducting business within a state must register to do business in that state, designate and maintain a registered agent, and in some cases a registered office.

What is the purpose of a Registered Agent?
Answer: A Registered Agent acts as the representative for accepting Service of Process served upon the company within the jurisdiction of any state where the company conducts business. Service of Process is broadly construed to include any legal proceeding, legal notice, or official government communication presented to the company while it is within the jurisdiction of a state.

What happens if my company fails to register or designate and maintain a Registered Agent?
Answer: The failure to register and designate a registered agent may foreclose or hinder the company's ability to legally enter into contracts and gain access to the state courts. Moreover, it may subject the company to monetary, civil, and possibly criminal sanctions. Also, failure to maintain a registered agent may cause your company to fall out of "good standing" within the state. This will subject your license to do business within a state to forfeiture, with monetary penalties assessed to reinstate your company to a "good standing" again.

Why should I designate a professional Registered Agent?
Answer: First and foremost, the security and peace of mind knowing a professional Registered Agent is protecting your company. Lawsuits can be ticking time bombs, fraught with potential liability for your company. Ensuring each Service of Process is properly received, forwarded to counsel correctly, and on a timely basis, is the first step in defending against a default judgment which could foreclose all opportunity to have your side heard. By appointing a professional organization to handle this responsibility establishes good business practices.

What about confidentiality?
Answer: Pattie Christensen has an absolute policy of keeping all client information strictly confidential. Unfortunately, there are infrequent times, however, when Pattie Christensen is presented with a subpoena legally compelling disclosure of client information. Under these circumstances, Ms. Christensen must disclose requested information under penalty of law. Rest assured, under such circumstances, Ms. Christensen always consults with the client first. Ms. Christensen always verifies a request for information is from an authorized source.

What are your fees?
Our regular annual rate to act as registered agent for a company is $50 per year; however clients of Pattie Christensen only pay $25 a year. Discounts may apply for multiple entities registered by one client and for clients of certain law firms. The fee is due in full when billed.

What do I do if I do not want the entity to be registered in Utah anymore?
In Utah, you may file Articles of Dissolution to dissolve an entity. The more popular method, however, is to simply not renew the entity at annual renewal time. If you do not wish to renew a company, simply let us know.

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