Practice Areas

Estate Planning
Utah Estate Planners PLLC provides estate planning services--proper estate planning can serve many objectives, including estate tax planning and the orderly disposition of assets. The firm provides both primary estate planning instruments including wills and revocable living trusts, as well as more complicated estate planning instruments for individuals with larger estates, family businesses, planned gifting, and insurance trusts.

Real Estate Law
Utah Estate Planners PLLC provides legal services for individuals, corporations, and brokers entering into real estate transactions. The firm reviews Real Estate Purchase Contracts (REPC), assists in the actual transfer of real estate, and researches individual property's chain of title.

Corporate Law
Utah Estate Planners PLLC provides a quick turnaround time for preparing and registering documents with any of the fifty states to form LLCs, S-Corps, C-Corps, and Limited Partnerships. The firm will also draft and/or review contracts, proactively review potential litigation issues for existing or new product lines, provide legal support for general employment law issues, perform corporate audits, and provide general legal advice on corporate governance.

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